3 Tracks, Hard Rejections, Corporate and Ambient


I plan to become a consistent author on AudioJungle and I would appreciate any help from more experienced producers. I’m sharing three tracks that has been rejected in the last few days and I have few thoughts of why that may. I feel that I have put a bit too much emphasis on the bass and low mid region and maybe overdid the reverb on all of these. I assume it comes down to production but if there’s something worng with the composition I’d be more than happy to hear about it.

I’m also curious whether the samples I’m using are of good quality, they’re not stock but I may be not hearing something. Any thoughts are appreciated.

Thank you for your time and have a nice day.




i am not a guru of mixing but i think you should change your mixing to commercial format
piano should be more realistic and lively, try to use some live bass presets like e-bass or smth like bass guitar
for corporate tracks. And about mixing - kick should be min. -8db bass line -14db i think its a good balance for low part in mix and then continue to build a mix around this reference.
I hope my advice will help you :wink:


The first that i have heard that poor drum section in all tracks, hi hat (shakers) is not very bright (not very good choise of the hats), and also some of the instruments in that you can hear the high frequencies, because of that seems that tracks were written in 1990 :slight_smile: I think your music would be good for medical things therefore i would reccomended to listened works on audiojungle with this name. Link below

Cheers :wink:

The volume balance between instruments need to be adjust. Your kick is very loud compared to the other tracks. They sounds too quiet in the background.

@GodnessGroove Thanks a lot! I’ll definitely try that technique.

@EliansProduction I’ll pay closer attention to drums. Good to hear that my music at least resembles some similarities to AJ products. Thank you.:slight_smile:

@AnthonySigouin Good to know, I was afraid that may be the case.

I assume that it came down to production rather than composition. If anyone feels like sharing some thoughts I’ll appreciate that.

You’re a great help guys. Thank you again!

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