3-Time Soft Reject Then Reject PSD Template


1st Soft Reject:


2nd Soft Reject:
unique, non-generic names
spacing and alignment

3rd Soft Reject :
preview image needs to be prefixed.

And then Reject

Can anyone please help us to figure out the Hard Rejection Issues.


Can You upload the JPEG images link of Your template? So authors can help You

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Upload JPEG Image Link


You upload image jpg here forum because we can help you.

Upload again.


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Hi there,
I saw Your work. The design is good and the elements are also fine. But You have to concentrate on, some basic guidelines to make a professional PSD web template. According to my view, this design needs some extra care on the following things.

  1. Typography
  2. Alignment
  3. Spacing
  4. Highlighting the important contents
  5. Objects & elements placing
  6. Showcasing the difference between each sections.

I will explain what you want to do.
First of all, the problem is the font size. Nowadays all the authors are using 14px as minimum font size for paragraph text. You have used less than the basic size. So the text is not visually good.

Then, Text alignment, placing and spacing.

  1. Try to give a proper space between each characters (Google as “kerning”)
  2. Give some clear space between each line (Line spacing)
  3. Don’t use too many lines of text paragraph (It’s old style)
  4. Concentrate on text placing (there is a difference between alignment & Placing)
    For an example, You have placed too much of text as a paragraph in the footer. It doesn’t need to be like that. Have a look on other PSD templates. So You can get a clear view of how a footer must be created and where should be the text placed in each section.
  5. Your template has lot of images. But you can also use some Icons too. Basically icons will give you a catchy look for a content area (like the toppings on an ice cream :slight_smile: )
  6. You have 1170px wide space to place your content. So feel free to give some breathing space for the text content, image elements & design objects.

Important things,
You are using old style design. It’s not wrong, But people always like to see fresh looking design. So don’t hesitate to learn from other authors work. Go ahead, see some PSD templates on themeforest. It will give You a clear view about design trend. (But don’t copy the same work, Then you would meet the copyrights issues :slight_smile: )
Focus on buttons (In My view, the buttons are need to be improved a lot)

Keep all this things on mind. Create Your next successful project and get approval on Themeforest.
All the best for Your success!

Remember: “If a stone is not ready to get hit, then it would never become a statue” Don’t get tired of getting rejected.