3 Rejections, please help

I think I might understand the third rejection because the playing is a bit clunky but I don’t know what I did wrong with the first two.

Hey Georgia,
Your tracks sound more like sketches than finished commercial products. I would suggest investing more time and adding complexity to your next track. You have a beautiful voice!

Hi, Georgia!
About first track. I think it could be better if you give more reverberation to voice and piano. I think it will be better with more space. And after that it will be sounds more cinematic and dramatic. Also maybe some additional instruments (bowed (long) orchestral strings for example). Also I think you can tune the vocal part a bit better (maybe some auto tune software).

About second track. I think all the same as for the first track. But in this case I think you have to add some bowed (long) orchestral strings like cellos, basses, violas and violins. Not so much. Just a little support.

About third track. I think if you play a solo !improvisation! piano track it has to be more variedly. Now your track sounds too simple (according this classical-cinematic style) in my opinion (maybe I’m wrong).

Good luck to you! I think your works has a potential. Just more time with arrangement (instrumentation) work.