3 project 3 hard reject without any comment

  1. http://www.wordica.net/WORDPRESS/wp100/?style=style_1_1

Soft reject but reasons was:

  1. Overall quality.
  2. Layout and organization.
  3. Usability.
  4. Readability.

So I delete it.

  1. http://www.wordica.net/WORDPRESS/wp103/

It’s time to surrender or buy more Xanax ? :wink: … reviewers vs me 3:0 :wink: I’m here for few years, on some other login I had accepted about 8 landing pages, then I try with wordpress and got 9 rejected project in 6 months … so I surrender and go to other shop. No I thought I can back … but as I see, not … not everyone can add project to WordPress?

Any comments?

Ok so it’s perfect design or so bad that You can say even one word? :slight_smile:

Hello, SoloPine.

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Yes, in two of them one element is from solopine … that’s everything why it was hard rejected?


It’s not about the elements, they don’t belong to SoloPine.

Everyone copies elements, or well, when it comes to blog themes, there’s not much you can do, but you copied everything, from styling to layout arrangement and had a bad taste with these socials up there.

Clear lack of visual hierarchy and everything looks out of place.

Reviewers see this, you know. Ditch them and re-start.

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Everything looks out of place but “hello solopine” … interesting.

Look at last two accepted personal blog, it’s 110% solopine first with terrible footer … Why reviewer do not see that?

Ok but it doesn’t metter, so I was rejected because:

  • lack of visual hierarchy and everything looks out of place
  • solopine arrangement
  • social on top

I can live with that but many items should be then removed for solopine arrangement, if they want fair play.

But first theme was not solopine and soft reject say that everything is not right … Third also was not solopine … eh this is TEMPLATES for everyone … when I hire graphic and he make unique blog I get also hard reject … after second he say that he is unable to create template kitsch without purpose.

ps. solopine goes to creativemarket :wink:

The second demo I liked the header and then destroys all traces all the work as a whole.

If I have 10 sections 1 is good but how good it is if I have a bad 9, kill all the work.

He is having problems with the spacing in white, typography, hierarchy, uniqueness etc.

Try to be creative with their work. I’m not saying at all that is bad, if you have submitted a couple of years ago would be accepted. But not now

Have to stick to the trend and have to leave your comfort zone, I see that you really like blogs, switch to another category and lots of practice mostly with paper and pencil is the only way to enter a market that continually raises its standards quality.

Surrender is not an option, if you want something you have to make an effort, nothing is easy

I encourage you to continue in this extraordinary community.

Good luck

I must agree with @themeflame . Your theme does look like solopine’s items.

I’ve got soft reject with design issue, it was because the theme is similar to my previous items.

So, I did change the overall design. And got approved in the end.

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It’s not about someone’s design pattern which your item looks like. It’s just that reviewers nowadays looking for something unique in your design, it can just few elements or design part. As far as I have experienced here in the recent times is that your own design which sells pretty good can not save you from rejection in a new item. About solopine, they have a new blog theme built on their trademark design pattern listed on another market CM. I don’t know the reason why they uploaded there, might be rejected for following their old pattern :wink:

He goes there because of 70% and very very weak competition and probably he have big database of remarketing … I was there but if You are not in first page You almost do not earn on wordpress ( only fonts sells there ) , I sell 10 product in 6 month … and then they ban me because of:

  • I send 28 tickets in 6 month about bugs on site and other question, when standard user send 3 in year, so I abuse their customer service
  • I want to know what company process they credit card payment and they refuse to say ( for me it’s strange ) - because there is huge amount of refunds after a month for example

It’s not that I like blog, WordPress is a blog platform. Everything else is inefficient. WordPress is not framework, it’s just a blog platform. Every woocommerce with big traffic will be completly inefficient with that kind of simple php plugins. It’s like try to make cabriolet from sedan - it’s possible but … :wink: