3 Months Trip to Japan


We’ve planned a 3 months (84 days precisely) lasting trip to Japan. Me and my partner will be spending a first month in Tokyo and areas and then will travel south ticking off things to see on our list.

  1. Nagoya
  2. Takayama
  3. Kanazawa
  4. Kyoto
  5. Mount Koya
  6. Osaka
  7. Hiroshima
  8. Okunoshima (Rabbit’s Island)
  9. Miyajima
  10. Nagasaki
  11. Fukuoka and surroundings

I was wondering if there is someone that can recommend “less-touristy” and unusual places worth visiting across the country (Tokyo and below)? Also if you are already in Japan and would like to hang-out that’s awesome!

Trip dates are 3rd March - 26th May 2015.

Any tips much appreciated.

If you’re into art, I’ve heard Naoshima is pretty cool :slight_smile: I know @KingDog was recently in that part of the world so maybe he has some other tips. Enjoy!

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Looks like some great selections. Hakone is a really nice place, but if you’re going to Takayama already, you may already be getting your fill of mountain towns :smile:

Be sure to check out Himeji castle on your way through. I’ve been 3 times already but have never made it through the gates yet to tour the castle. It’s a long story :stuck_out_tongue:

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Guys, sounds like awesome tips! The castle looks astonishing! What’s the problem with touring the castle, then? Long queues or booking in advance?

Nothing wrong with touring it. You just have to get there in time while it’s still open. I haven’t been successful at that yet. I always get caught up eating Kobe beef in Kobe and never make it in time :smiley: