3 Logo Templates Hard Rejected I need Feedback

I have Submit My first 3 Logo Templates for review and All of them get hard rejected i need explanation and feedbacks for the issues so i can avoid the problems in the next submissions.

Here is the logos

@n2n44 @OsamaSayegh

hi buddy, well indeed, i think that your logo are rather nice but they are not so very unique and not so very impressive so that they get accepted in the a category in which submissions and items are really numerous, if the market was not that saturated u could expect your items to be potentially accepted but as of now, it looks difficult unless u bring something more to the table. I think also that there are some things that u should try to avoid just like the variations in terms of colors in the names of the company as they will imply a bit more changes for buyers.

Besides, for the automotive one, it seems to me that this is not detailed enough for once and that , as it like this , u more likely guess what this is supposed rather than know in the first place … . I also tend to consider that the theme and logo itself are not original enough and that they have better ones in this side already for sale …

The condor one looks more original and nicer according to me but it looks better in a one color version and the preview is not very efficient from where i sit because this is not good enough when it comes to color associations and i also tend to believe that a bit more work could make the thing look a bit better too

as for the bee one, the idea is rather cool, the colors are nice when it come to the honeycomb and this is well executed for this part, but, if u wanna know how i feel, as for me the sides way elements of the logo, plus the font are fighting with the honeycomb, as u ended up mixing very round shapes which way much more squared ones indeed

i hope i could help by telling u how i feel about these rejections and that u can use my observations to embetter your next items, also so that they get approved :wink:

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@n2n44 Thanks a lot that is Very Helpful Informations to me i will trying hard to improve my work in the next times :relaxed: