3 Logo templates gets hard reject.

My 3 Logo templates get hard rejected. Unable to understand the reason behind. Please help. For reference please visit the link: http://aayaamlabs.com/playground/envato/preview.jpg

See this article

Rejections are extremely painful, everyone agrees on that but you shouldn’t be disappointed because of them.
I’m neither an expert designer nor graphicriver author but here is my thought on your item:
I’ve made couple of searches on Graphicriver and I found that there are many logo templates have the same idea [Results link][1].
However, that doesn’t mean that reviewers don’t accept that kind of templates anymore, but it’s a little bit harder to get your template approved.
The pen in your template is good but the circle around the pen is generic, uncreative, ugly, and makes a lot of empty space.
Preview image involves in both of approval and sales of an item, so the more beautiful you make it, the more chance you get for approval and sales.
Good luck with your next submission! :+1:
[1]: http://graphicriver.net/category/logo-templates?date=&page=1&price_max=&price_min=&rating_min=&sales=&sort=&term=pen&utf8=✓&view=grid

Thank you so much my friend. I’ll try to create something else. :slight_smile:


Yes, the color combinations between the circle and tip is pretty bad.

Black and green, doesn’t work, and blue, red and black are basically having a war with each other. :rage:

The blue and black lettering is the best one, although there might be too much black text?

Try playing around with suttle differences in color next time, easy to do in Photoshop, hopefully as easy to do in illustrator?

If all the colors in all your different designs match up beautifully then you will be closer to getting one in.

Good luck. :sunglasses:

hi, as for me , i agree with Shane / tmcom, colors combinations could be greatly embettered, otherwise i think that the main problem is the lack of originality and uniqueness of your item, i have already seen some logos looking much like the one that u showed us

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