3 items was hard rejected. WHY?)

I was almost certain that this one will be rejected, but I had to try :grin:

BUT, why those two was rejected?

I try to make something unique for AJ, but still commercial, it seems that strategy doesn’t work for me :sweat_smile:

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Really second and third interesting tracks ! Maybe reviewer was not so creative like you ? :joy: But yeah … Shit happens Bro

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hi, i think that the first one is a bit too repetitive (lack of variations and breaks in the rhythm) and that there’s something not good enough yet in the way u mixed instruments, this is not so pleasant to hear, sorry to say just that … that’s just my opinion and i am not a music expert so pls consider this keeping this in mind too … .

i pretty much like the second track, however , i had been u to make it even more perfect in my view , shortening it a bit (this is a long lasting track) would take it to the next level again. In any event, i cannot figure out why it’s been canned …

for the last one, acceding to me that’s very good and pleasant to hear, i’ve no idea why it was rejected actually …


i pretty much liked this extract from Forrest Gump :wink:


Ага, тоже на ревьюеров грешу😂

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The first one is more experimental, just to define the boundaries)

Well my guess is, the best one is the second but the “Jingle-bell” if that loud, need a more live feature, for example at least four different samples, and maybe a slight widener effect.

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  1. Думаю, забраковали оркестровые сэмплы.
  2. Возможно, барабаны.
  3. Очень экспериментальный, хотя и крутой.

2:51 last track in ‘‘Naive Cinematic’’. ‘Brass’ sliding down and messes up the ‘‘harmony’’? Maybe this is the rejection cause in this case? In my opinion interesting tracks…
Keep up the good work:)

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I probably agree with you) thanks!)

well i understand and that’s good to push our own limitations , but as for me, at this time u seem better fitting the style of the next two ones, keep up the good work :wink:

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I think 2nd one is better, but do something creative which you can get others attention in a second. Good luck man!

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Don’t worry, I had one game background theme accepted.

The other wasn’t. The rejected one actually fit with the theme and was more refined than the first.

Hard rejected. “This is not up to Envato’s standards and not what we are looking for”. lol wut?

Oh well, the second sold a few times elsewhere…

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