3 Hard Rejects on AudioJungle in a row, any feedback please?

Here are the compositions.


All are in different genres. From my point of view i don’t see any really critical stuff in any of these compositions. Or this is probably because i’ve already spend a lot of time on them and can’t see it clearly. They are all straight to the point (at least in emotional side), have nice balance, mixed and mastered decently. Or not?

I’m also starting to think that AJ staff do not want to have diversity tracks, only concentrating on the corporate/motivational tracks. Honestly, i was not able to find a track about space, which will be a nice background music to some space cosmic video that i would like.

So any suggestions about why all of these tracks were rejected? Because the answers from the AJ staff are typical and don’t give any information about it.

I think you shouldn’t have given the Interstellar name to your second track. Perhaps, the reviewer rejected this track because of its name as it directly points to the movie idea borrowing.

Your third track is monotonous.

I think Interstellar have some distortion… and maybe church organs isn’t so much connected with space theme :rocket:

The first track is the best but maybe lack some swing :sunglasses:

About Interstellar i don’t think thats an issue because you can easily find tracks with that name. And the idea behind them is space background too. Also you can find tracks with the names of the filmd like Dark Knight etc.

About 3rd track yeah, you’ve right. Probably because of that it was rejected.

Lack of swing… yeah, it kinda is so. But something tells me that this is hardly noticable, and reviewer rejected the track on another basis. But thanks for the thoughts!

I think the second track has the most potential, but has to evolve more quickly, and the organ has to have more clarity. What I understand (had lot’s of rejections) is that clarity and sound is King here. Try to get a bigger sound in someway?

Yes, I think if the name was the issue they would just ask you to change the title, but I don’t think it’s that big of an issue, as you can’t copyright a title. You can trademark a title, sometimes, but a one-word generic title like “interstellar?” No friggin’ way.

BTW welcome to club AJ rejection.

I haven’t given a good listen to all of the tracks, but of course I went straight ahead for the interstellar track, and I see what you are trying to achieve there, (coming from a person who loves the movie). I think I know why you are trying to add that distortion as well, but if I wasn’t a fan of the movie and was a simple buyer, maybe it would have been a little bit too much. Reminded me of this :slight_smile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJj9y4t9UnU

Track 1: Brass is too "synthetic"
Track 2: Nice intro, but doesn’t really engage in the second part. Needs more “big sound” in the payoff
Track 3. Strings are too “synthetic”, theme not evolving

I just assumed, because I do not see another reason :slight_smile: I think the track “Interstellar” sounds good. And a small distortion goes in his favor as an independent composition, but it may not sound quite commercial for Audiojungle.

Thanks for your opinion. Bigger sound, yeah, thought that this might be an issue.

Awesome club, thanks! :smiley:

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Thanks for your thoughts on my track. And i like that you recalled Artemyev. It makes sense cuz we are both russians. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Stockwaves perhaps i should find some new libraries then.

@OnTheTune yeah, that makes sense. Because it is more independent and not that flexible in use, this might put my track on a non-commercial category. Got to think more about it next time. Thanks! :wink: