3 Hard Reject. Please help



I have 3 hard reject. Tell what I do not so?


i can’t believe these were hard rejected


Example 1, aproved at the second time. example 2 and 3 is not :frowning:


do they accept re submit project ?


I have altered and sent again.


Congrats with the 1st project was approved.
The 3rd I don’t know why. But the 2nd I agree with the reviewer, because I can’t see the shadow on this background and the extra elements (fruits, knife, sugar, etc.) look unrealistic, you can see the object borders and light very bad.
This is my opinion, hope some professional guys give you more advices :slight_smile:


All really good projects!
I think the 3rd project may of been rejected because of the application icons on the dock. These could potentially be infringing the copyright of those companies shown.


Do they really reject like that due to copyright? Surely a copyright issue would be dealt with differently.


they do not reject projects due to copyrights. it can be soft rejected with demand to change it. but this project is rejected because of ending - it’s bad. it’s not clear. just a mix of text layer and logo without focus… like a trash bucket



Yeah that’s what I thought.


Thank you!