3 Flyers rejected, Why?

Without any reason my 3 flyers been rejected.
Can anyone explain how to improve these?





Hi there:

Your flyer are very good, I also hard rejected my flyer I not understand because maybe file error or reviewer not like your designs :frowning:


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Upload with a different typo But again hard rejected.
Im done with Graphicriver.

Gonna sell my stuff on Creative Marked.
Goodbye Envato.

Yes, nice, but it is probably the background that is letting you down on the first one, the second, (casino one) ghosting some graphic elements, (l tried that on a St Pats, one) and the coins not overflowing over the CASINO frame are probably the reasons for that.

The other two bird ones, has me stumped?

Sometimes Envato just don’t want them, and sure you can go over to CM, but GR makes more money.

And they make more since they have a review process in place.

So at least for me, l would have one foot in GR and one in CM.

Good luck.


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Thnx glad to hear that the flyers are good. Zo of Envato doesnt want them them sell them to CM. No frustrating reviewers who rejects them in 2 seconds after hours and hours work. Without Any reason. So this was my last upload.

Without any reason, l am sure that they take quality work like yours seriously, and sometimes it may be oversupply or bad sales of similar items, bad technique, etc, that gets it canned.

I tried to get a few St Patrick Flyers through recently, very high end,but also tried a new technique, that probably got them canned.

But GR makes almost twice as much in profits, by comparison to CM, so at least for me l will stay with GR has first choice and CM, gets the ones they didn’t like.


Maybe your right and imporved my flyers a couple of levels.
I give it one more try.

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You give up too fast.

If your item is hard rejected you should work harder, improve this item. If rejected again… work twice harder and improve item more - and you do it untill you have success and item approved.

Creative Market ??? In my opinion … :wink: creative market have it’s own policy and quality.

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Yes, l failed 8 times initially before l got one in, then had a pretty high failure rate after that, at least til l got a hang of it.

These days it is phew, 30% up to 100%, depending on the volume, but CM, does have a tough selection process, so it is not the easiest platform to get into.

And CM makes more money per sale, but sells less, GR makes less per sale and sells more.

Which means while GR sells 10+ of two flyers, CM will probably need at least 10 or more to keep up.

Someones CM does, exceed GR, but most of the time it doesn’t.


Improved my flyers but again hard rejected.
Really don’t know why.
It’s very frustrated.

I wouldn’t put virtually the same ones in again, since EV don’t really endorse it, and most of the time it won’t get accepted.

And the second one the main text fights too much with the model.


hey man, if you want honest opinion… your flyers looks like they’re made in corel or something like this. Search on graphicriver author named indieground and author named bigweek - they are making flyers too.

See what they have, how they works looks like and compare their works to your work and you will know immediately what is wrong in your designs (you need put soul in your work if you know what I mean).

Keep doing it !

Well I got some very value feedback from a reviewer and my eyes are opened.
The main reason for hard rejections are that my flyers are not very original and used too much stockimages
for the eye catchers.
My scale ratio have to be better.
And not the same old centered text.

From now I delete all my old flyers from my computer and start to make new ones with high quality custom made 3D renders and take the time to improve my typo too.
So I take my designs to the next level.

Thnx to all of you.


Sometimes i wish that reviewers give us a little feedback on what’s wrong with an item instead of giving us that standard rejection email…It will be much easier for us and them since we will take care not to repeat the mistake and also they will have less work to do.

They are giving feedback like: “correct bleedings”, “Do not put this and this in item description”

their feedback is based on primary things. Reviewer can’t tell you “I don’t like your design, make it like this and like this…”

This is how it works I think.