2x Hard Rejection - Feedback is welcome

Is there an possibility to sell music that is purely focused on games? Arcade/retro or just action. Whatever. The only thing I get here are hard rejections, but somehow I’m getting no feedback at all, except that its not ‘commercial standard’. At least I need something if i want to grow further. - Music was uploaded with the AJ watermark.

Or are game developers also looking for excessive ‘inspirational ukulele’ music, which spontaneously throws you into Teletubbie land?



The first track has some excessive panning, I think it’s too much. Especially that snare panned to the right.

Strong shifts in panning are not recommended.

Hi Driftless,
I like your retro synthwave tracks)
But both tracks have some drums and percussion that jump out of the mix (in volume and panning).
I would suggest to lower their volume and expand panning for other instruments, so they could fit together.
Some instruments are too dry. More reverb would make them more retro and “in their place”.
Also more master compression/limiting could help.
Game Track 02 snare doesn’t fit at all because it’s too loud and doesn’t have enough reverb IMHO. Crash cymbals sound like bad samples. Maybe you should try to replace them, or add other crashes, so it would be more pleasant to listen to. The same with toms - they sound bad to my ears.

Thanks people, this is something I can work on! The panning problem sounds very legit by the way.
Did not think of that.

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Another question:

Is it possible to adjust the panning/volumes and overall mix and upload it again? I know they said it is not possible, but that answer is pretty standard. Do they mean that I can’t upload the original again, which I understand, or is it even impossible for an improved version?

I personally do not think it’s the genre / arrangement that caused my tracks not to be accepted, but more likely the mixing part (like you guys mentioned above).

‘‘Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Game Track 02 - Riding the Wave” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.’’

It somehow stays in the middle, because of the lack of substantive feedback from the reviewers.

I once re-submitted a hard rejected track with a lot of changes: changed the sample sounds, changed the arrangement, re-mixed it, remastered it and I got this response (granted, the quality of your track is far superior):

Unfortunately, this submission doesn’t meet AudioJungle’s commercial quality guidelines overall, and can’t be accepted.

Also, as a general rule, please do not resubmit hard rejected tracks.

Audio must be fully composed, arranged, mixed and/or mastered to a commercial standard, and have reasonable potential utility to our commercial buyers, for their varied projects. Ideal audio submissions should demonstrate the ability to support multiple visual works in general. A higher degree of general commercial viability would therefore be required. Please consider viewing our Top Sellers page to get a good sense of the commercial quality of popular files: http://audiojungle.net/page/top_sellers If you wish to resubmit more content, please review the engineering and composition and make improvements to a commercial standard before attempting to upload again. Thank you for taking the time to submit content to AudioJungle.

Since then, I don’t even considering re-submitting hard rejected tracks. The risk of revoking my right to upload is just not worth it. You can submit them as logo idents, or submit them on other stock markets.

But I also have seen a case where another author’s item was hard rejected and after tweaking EQ a little, it was approved.