2nd Hard Reject, Need Your Feedback to Help Me

This is my second project and recently got hard reject. Please, I need your feedback or point out reason why I got hard reject for this project.

I need to improve myself to be better web designer.

Thank You.

Page List …

It is simple, is empty, unfinished and is very similar to a lot of content available here, typography requires improvement. Overall the entire design requires significant improvements

Working more unique sections.

Good luck with your next works

  • one denies the another

But Yes, overall You must think about better typography, You got many strange and not equal paddings ( even in buttons their are not equal )

Remember - You sell advertise, chose best photography You can, they must match with coloristic of site etc.

A do not like this “cheap” looking top slider boxex with opacity and title on home page.

thank you, @Th3s and @WordicaThemes for your feedbacks. they will help me a lot to improve my design. :smile: