2nd Attempt After Hard Rejection Review Plz

After 1st Hard Reject i have done some improvements . Did it enough now… Is it has chances to Approve or Soft Reject.
Please pass your suggestion it would be very helpfull .
Here is the link of New Updates Here is new Demo

And Here is the rejected one :frowning: Here is Old Rejected

It’s too simple and not modern, you should improve your design

Hi, I’d be happy to help.

I decided to go straight to looking at the second design as it would save time.

  • It might be an insignificant point, but your choice of font is rather basic. I’d suggest looking at some Google Fonts to find some similarly simplistic, but unique font designs.
  • The YouTube counter reads “subscriber” instead of “subscribers”. Similarly, change “problem solved” to “problems solved” and “gift offer” to “gift offers”.
  • I like the idea and the functionality of the style switcher, but is it necessary for the site? Does it serve any purpose other an a graphological change?
  • It would be nice if clicking “Log In” or “Sign Up” (even though it says “File Not Found”) displayed a smaller window underneath instead of redirecting to another page.
  • Some people might not know what the icons mean, for example I didn’t know what the “in” was (in the social links above the search bar). Adding some mouseover text which displays the name of the service would help.
  • The logo, “Expert Reviews”, should be bigger in my opinion.
  • The Social Media icons (coloured ones) at the bottom seem a little “crushed” in terms of quality, especially the YouTube one.

Hope this helps!

@JakesCode thanks for your valueable feedback.
Its was very helpful