2D medieval game project needs graphic artist

Dear friends,

we are a young game development studio planning to present a project at Kickstarter and we are in need for a great graphic artist who could visually demonstrate the concept of the game. We need you to create the world and appearence of the world and to illustrate 2-3 pictures of the game concept/mechanics; if we like it and it fits our imagination we would also concider offering a permanent or freelance position within our team. I have to mention that we are not able to compensate you for your efforts at the moment, but if we succeed to raise funds we can aggree on something.

  • Game is planned to be set in an medieval world
  • Planed to be 2D
  • Chance to take and be part of a great project

You can contact me on: office@maclynch.com

Thanks for reading through and I hope there is someone who would like to help us.

Best Regards,