23 days in the queue T-T... is this normal?

I am new to ThemeForest… I created my first job and posted it hoping for a positive response … But now I’m waiting for at least some response(. What accounts for such a delay in the queue?

It depends on what category you’re aiming for. You can check the status of the review process for all the marketplaces here. The times may be off by a few days depending on how they were when you uploaded the item. Generally it’s normal though! :slight_smile:

Don´t worry! I got my first feedback for my item (HTML Template) also a few weeks after I submitted my work! The Envato team gives you a really good feedback and helps you to solve your issues so that takes time! In the meantime you can double check your item, maybe you find an issue by yourself!

All in all, they did not forget about you :)!

That’s correct! And it case you still don’t know you can always ask for help on the forums! Cheers!