2023 Envato Community T-Shirt Contest

@shabeerps , You can post your entry here… in this thread. Read the T&C and post it. :innocent: :+1:


Oops, I’ll see if I can participate, even if it’s creating the T-shirt Design in Canva, because in other software it’s quite difficult. :sweat_smile: :grin: :envato:

Jokes aside, I’ll be here appreciating other people’s creativity! :eyes: :white_check_mark:

Ha ha… Just wait and see… you can see the designs flow :fire: :sunglasses: :+1:

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Good luck for all. :+1:

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You are a better designer of the world hahaha

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So cool!! I’m new here and luckily just in time - I’m super keen to participate in this contest :smiley: looking forward to seeing other creative designs as well!

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Here is my submission. :slight_smile:


Great… I will also try to submit my design again… Best of luck to all…


Welcome aboard… and nice work done. :sunglasses: :+1:

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Yes please… we are waiting… :innocent:

Thank you! :grin:

Excellent, it was really cool! :envato: :slightly_smiling_face:

Excellent, it was really cool! :envato: :slightly_smiling_face: I Like It


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Great post! I love the idea of celebrating the Envato community with a dedicated T-shirt design. The examples of previous winning entries give a clear idea of the standard we should aim for. I’m excited to start working on my design and I’ll definitely keep in mind the guidelines provided. Can’t wait to see the final submissions and the winning design!:innocent:


That’s great… Welcome to this awesome community and expecting a great entry from your side :innocent: :+1:

Thank you all for your kind comments about my magnificent, breathtaking design. I wasn’t going to enter, but I wanted to give something back to the community and provide them with a visual feast for the eyes, an image so joyous that it would bring peace and calm to even the most turbulent of souls.

As there’s not been any new entries for five days, it’s apparent that nothing is going to top the current entries… so I’m happy to close the contest early, we give chanelhogan $100, Team_shop $100 and I’ll take the rest. Everyone’s a winner!

What about the people who didn’t win? Well… I give everyone permission to download, print and display my winning entry in their homes. Yes, you read that correctly! Now that’s a runners up prize to be proud of right there


Amazing ! Glad I found this now. I’m in!

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:laughing: Hahaha good, but it’s always towards the end of the second half that people start posting! :envato: :hourglass: :eyes:

Congratulations, it turned out really cool! :clap: :envato: