2023 Envato Community T-Shirt Contest - winners now announced!

I like this Line style… :innocent:

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I wish everyone good luck because someone is going to win the contest but I am not going to win because of poor quality hahaha

Hi Guys,

Hope you like my Concept for Our Envato community.
Thanks and I’m very much excited to see the winner… All the very best to all the participants :heart::heart::heart:


mportant Dates

  • Monday, January 10 - Design contest opens!
  • Sunday, February 12 (11:59pm AEDT) - Design contest ends
  • Friday, February 17 - Winners announced!

Thread will re-open at 17th Feb

It’s time to announce the winners!

Our judging panel have all returned their scores, and we’re ready to announce this year’s design champion. We also have two Runner Up awards to give out, and some participation prizes that will be announced next week.

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:trophy: Grand Prize winner: @MajikaBox

Entry link

Here’s what MajikaBox had to say about their entry:

The design was inspired by Envato’s supportive and wonderful community. It shows two people surfing through the ocean of Envato world. Which is a sea of graphic assets, music, and templates from Envato creators to the rest of the world. The vast selection of elements allows everyone to be creative. Joining the community is what makes it fun, we all can surf together!

And here’s a comment from one of our judges, in the Envato design team!

Love the colours, character design and overall energy in this. It’s so great!

Congratulations MajikaBox! You’ve won the grand prize of $500 USD, the Merch Designer and Winner badges for your Envato Market account, and the first T-shirt with your winning design. I’ll be in touch with a few questions for our Author Hub soon!

First Runner Up: @Gigihgagah

Entry link

Another strong contender, trailing only one point behind the overall winner. I have a soft spot for all the Envato Zoo marketplace mascots, and loved the illustration style used for this entry. Gigihgagah wins a Merch Designer Shortlist badge, and a T-shirt with the 2023 design.

Second Runner Up: @BrandEarth

Entry link

This is our “Envato World Without Borders” design. We have unlimited access to the creativity of the digital world thanks to Envato! The same applies to anyone who needs images, website templates, script code, plugins, graphics, presentations, 3D assets, or audio, video, or music templates. Not to worry! For your project, Envato offers the greatest goods. In order to create and offer templates for a better and more enjoyable digital environment, we collaborate on these designs with individuals from all around the world. We used that into this design to symbolize that. We think Envato will keep providing top-notch items that are seen through the audience’s eyes to everyone. Please enjoy our finest work and thank you!

Another striking design from Envato Forum veteran BrandEarth - we’ve decided to award a second Runner Up award this year, so BrandEarth also wins the Merch Designer Shortlist badge, and a T-shirt with the 2023 design.

Stay tuned for the Participation Prize winners - I’ll be announcing these next week!

And congratulations to all of this year’s winners - and to all those who entered, providing a very strong field of entries!


It looks like all three of this year’s finalists are based in Indonesia, too!

Question for the Indonesian design author crew - how do you have so many great designers over there? And have you had any local meetups or events recently? I loved seeing all the photos and videos that came out of the Yogyakarta Envato Worldwide event a few years back.


Congratulations @MajikaBox @Gigihgagah & @BrandEarth

Congratulations winner. @MajikaBox

Congratulations Runner . @Gigihgagah @BrandEarth

My hearty congrats :heart: @MajikaBox @Gigihgagah @BrandEarth

Waiting for Next week’s Participation price winners :crazy_face:

Thank you very much! :laughing:

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Thank you so much for everything. It’s been great to have the opportunity to be a part of this year’s Envato 2023 contest. :heart:

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Thanks a lot! :blush: :blush:

Thank you very much

congrats! Your design rocks :laughing:

thank you, your design is also very spectacular

Congratulations to @MajikaBox @Gigihgagah & @BrandEarth
Your designs are great!

thank you very much!