👻 2020 Envato Community Halloween Contest! Winners announced on Friday 13th

Those are some terrifying entries :smiley:

Thanks to all those who entered the competition - I’m going to close this thread so our judges can pick out winners for each category. We’ll be reopening the thread next Friday (Friday 13th :bat:) to announce the winners!


It’s :bat: Friday the 13th (and a Friday 13th in 2020, no less…), which means three things:

  1. Don’t walk under any ladders today
  2. Be nice to any black cats you meet
  3. It’s time to announce the contest winners!

It’s been so good to see some more of your faces in this contest :slight_smile: Thanks to all those who entered!

All six winners will receive an Envato Community T-shirt in the mail - @kingdog will get in contact to find out your postal details. We’ll also be adding a HalloWinner badge to the two category winners.

Category 1: Halloween costume photos

Category Winner: @42Theme

In a close-fought contest, our judges picked @42Theme as the category winner with this witch costume:

Runners up: @NiTTo_52 and @unlockdesign

These entries definitely turned up the gore, adding some gruesome costume makeup effects. I made the mistake of scrolling down to see @NiTTo_52’s jagged fangs while eating breakfast, which has convinced me to stay off the forums at meal times in future :wink: Our judging panel were all glad that they didn’t run into @unlockdesign’s costume in a dark alleyway, too…

Category 2: A Halloween-themed #MadeWithEnvato contest

Category Winner: @HoneyLoud

Our judges loved the Spooky Halloween Trap music video by @HoneyLoud - taking a great track, and adding in some AudioJungle sound effects and MixKit footage.

Runners up: @MCourie and @UnicDesign

Two very different entries here! We loved @MCourie’s stop-motion film, using a range of different AJ music, SFX and an Envato website theme. @UnicDesign’s promo bundle video was a great example of how authors can use other Envato assets to promote their items - in this case, combining a video trailer, SFX and music track to promote some great Halloween-themed actions on GraphicRiver.

Congratulations to all the winners!


Thank you very much for selecting us! This is clearly one of the most significant events of our professional life on Envato. We are still a very young team, there is a long way ahead and the support of the community is very pleasant and important for us.

We would like to thank all the participants for their enthusiastic participation in the Envato Halloween Contest 2020 as well as all the people that backed us with votes and support. You all made this contest more interesting and I hope you enjoyed it too, even if you didn’t win this year. To us, all the published items are equally important as they express a genuine desire to be together and not lose heart, in this difficult time.

Thanks again to all the participants.

Keep up the good work!
You never know who you are inspiring!


Oh, wooow! Thank you so much for selecting our work and congrats @42Theme! This was the first time we entered the Halloween Contest, thank you for the opportunity. We enjoyed this whole experience and the other creative stuff by professional contestants and the spooky costumes.

It’s always great to create something awesome with Envato, hope this is not the last chance for us to being involved and the last event we can enter. :blush:

Keep up the good work and stay safe, stay strong!


Congratulations @42Theme and @HoneyLoud :tada: :tada: AWESOME WORK !!!
also Congratulations @unlockdesign @MCourie @UnicDesign :jack_o_lantern: :tada:
@BenLeong Thank you very much :heart:


I thought so that this would be the best costume from @42Theme (I liked it most of all and immediately)! :blush: The witch’s costume and look are great! :+1:
Congratulations to all the winners! :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: :boom: :boom: :boom:
Good luck to everyone! :+1:

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:ghost: :trophy: :ghost: Appreciated winning announcement :skull_and_crossbones: :trophy: :skull_and_crossbones:
:medal_sports::medal_sports: How it would be if runner-up received a single badge? :medal_sports: :medal_sports: