2019 Envato Cyber Monday Sale FAQ

Just be sure to check the forums regularly - I’d say at least once a week just so you don’t miss an opportunity. The Envato team (usually @BenLeong ) posts announcements about upcoming promos so everyone can apply.

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Hi @onokazu!

Callouts for nominations are posted in the forums (and on Author Dashboards) a few months before major campaigns like Cyber Monday and the Envato Birthday. Those are the primary comms channels used for advance warning about upcoming Marketing events, so I recommend checking those at least monthly.

If you didn’t receive the customer-facing emails (Market Mail) about the campaign, that can happen if our email platform has put you into an inactive segment - i.e. if emails to that address are regularly not opened or marked as spam. If that’s the case, you can automatically re-enter an active list segment by opening any Envato Market emails in your inbox (old ones are fine), and clicking on any link in them.

Sending emails to inactive accounts affects our deliverability: if we regularly send to accounts that don’t receive our emails, deliverability rates to other customers are penalised. That’s why our Email team is continually adjusting their segmentation, optimising this to maximise the number of people who see, click through and purchase from our emails. It’s also why we generally refer to active customers (i.e. around 2M for this type of campaign), and not the “full” email list (over 12M, but much less relevant for marketing campaigns).

Hope that helps!

Thanks for your reply.

Can you tell us in more detail which emails are those market mails that we need to click to activate our email address? I’ve looked inside the inbox but all I can find that seem to be related are:

Also we frequently release updates for our products (almost weekly) and update our item pages, so it would be great if your email platform can automatically activate/inactivate accounts based on those activities as well, and not only by whether or not previous emails have been clicked.

It would be great if you can reply to my previous post.

Hi @onokazu - sorry for the very late reply! I’ll see if our Email team can provide a direct link to subscribe you to the Market Mail series. Currently the “opt in” information is only displayed when creating a new account, and it can be difficult find if you want to join those mailing lists later on.

I’ll send you a DM with more details when I have them.

I don’t think our current platform has visibility over item changes (updates / new releases), but I’ll see if there are any ways that could be included.