2019 Envato Cyber Monday Sale FAQ

Yes, all authors of selected items have now been contacted via their Envato Market email addresses.

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This year, my items were not selected for the promotion. :frowning:
Better luck for me next year!

Hi, i have two questions. First one, is there any way i can know my items are selected or not? My second question is, how we can see selected items before campaign launch? Thanks.

If you haven’t received a confirmation email yet, your item has not been selected - all authors of selected items were contacted via email last Wednesday (November 6).

If you are an Envato Market Affiliate, you’ll receive a “coming soon” email about Cyber Monday later this week - I’m not sure whether this will have details on the full list, or if that will follow in a second email. Affiliates get a bit of advance notice about items in the campaign, as they’ll need to start building content to promote it.

If you aren’t an Affiliate, the full list will only be available when the landing page officially launches on November 26. Our developers are busily building it at the moment :slight_smile:

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We have submitted our Phlox theme which is available in weekly popular themes list for years; however, we have not received a confirmation Email so far. Am I missing something?

Phlox Pro - Elementor MultiPurpose WordPress Theme

Thanks in advance.


I submitted best selling html, but not received email, It may your confirmation email in spam or you not selected?