2018 Envato Cyber Monday FAQ

Hi @StylemixThemes! Yes - we’re currently still waiting on the final designs, but I will be sending these out to all authors as soon as I have them.

Thank you, Ben!

Hi @BenLeong,

We’ve submitted 2 WordPress themes from us to this campaign:

I didn’t get any email about an item has been selected to this campaign. Is your team doesn’t selected our themes or you didn’t get submit from us? Because I’ve submitted our items in last month ( on 16 October ). Can you confirm it help me?

Thank you.

Hi mates, it’s to possible to look the list of themes in sale before 20th of November?

Hi @PenciDesign.

I can see both your nominations in an early version of the submissions list, but neither are listed on the final selection. Both your items meet the selection criteria - I’ll check with our Campaigns team to see if there’s any way we can include you on the page. Last year we had a few additions during the campaign (replacing items that had been removed), so I’ll see what we can do.

@VHFP The final list will only be published when the sale goes live - sorry! Envato Affiliates have received a preview so they can start working on promotional content, but the full list will be made public on Nov 20.

Hi @BenLeong,

Thank you for your feedback. Our themes has been selected multiple times before in previous campaigns ( were included Cyber Monday in last year ) of Envato Market. Also, It has high quality & much sales. That’s why I don’t understand why It doesn’t selected in this time.
Looking forward for your feedback soon.

Thank you.

I have the same problem as PenciDesign. I submitted theme in early october and didn’t get any emails. We always was in list for cyber monday as we are one of best rated among top popular theme for almost 2 years.

If you haven’t received a confirmation email, please assume that you have not been selected for the current campaign. We had almost 3,000 items nominated this year, and will only be featuring around 500 on the landing page - so many people will have missed out on a spot this time.

Hi BenLeong,

In 5th November we got email confirmation which said our item has been selected for Cyber Monday Campaign, But today we checked Cyber Monday list and didn’t find our item in list, we have not listed in campaign landing page. Could you please check it asap. Thanks in advance

Item: https://themeforest.net/item/xtra-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/20715590


Hi there, I am a user and in which page can I see all plugins in cyber Monday Sale? not able to see any banners on home page.

dineshsunny here you can find plugins https://envato.com/cybermonday/code/

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Hey! On this page https://envato.com/cybermonday if you click any of the links except Themeforest/Web Templates (Fig.A) you’ll end up in a Birthday Campaign (Fig.B)? Please fix! @BenLeong

Hi @BenLeong!

I wanted to take a part of Cyber Monday big sale. I guess there was some kind of notice on a dashboard, but I closed it by mistake and didn’t pay too much attention to that (thought that I’ll get some kind of email with instructions how to apply to the sale later). Also was very busy with making big update in October and totally forgot to email you with this request in time :frowning: I’m new to Videohive so didn’t know how all of this works.

I’m aware that Cyber Monday has already started, but is there any way to apply?
I really wanted to get on this page https://envato.com/cybermonday/video/, I guess my project quality, reviews and sales amount fits perfectly https://c2n.me/3Y5abze.png. Maybe we can work something out, as an exception for a Videohive newbie?) Never took part of big sales before and really want to.

Be replied a while back to this, sadly, it’s no longer possible.

That’s really sad :frowning: Is this the last sale of the year or there will be some more before Christmas / New Year?

@dzeriho Thanks for raising that - the issue was caused by some rogue redirects (affecting links without a / on the end), and all instances of that bug should be fixed now.

@replayer1 This year’s Cyber Monday campaign is already full, but we’ll have lots of other events on - I know there are plans for seasonal email campaigns next month, and there should be another big event in Q1 next year. I recommend following the #envato-marketing tag on the forums, as we use that to post all official campaign notices - that way you’ll see any callout or nomination form as soon as it’s published.

@codevz I’m going through the item lists this morning, and will look for your items. I know that a small number of items were automatically removed from the campaign - if your item had a price change within the last 30 days, or if the discounted price would be less than the Fixed Buyer Fee for that item’s category, it would have been removed before the landing page went live.

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@BenLeong Can you tell how this email campaigns works and what are criteria for participation?

Still being finalised at the moment - I’ll post more on the forums as soon as the details are ready to share :slight_smile:

The Envato Cyber Monday Campaign is officially over for 2018 - I hope you had some great sales over the last week :slight_smile:

If you took part this year, you should have received an email last night containing a link to the post-campaign survey. Please fill this out (it should only take 2min), if you have any feedback - I’ll be taking the results from that survey to our post-campaign wrap, to make sure the rest of the team sees everything that has been raised.