2000 Sales - new milestone achieved a big thank you to everyone!

Hi everyone!

My name is Rens, I was born in the Netherlands on 1992. I started programming at the age of 14 and have been programming every day since, or at least almost every day since :wink:

Today I sold 2000 copies! for my Wordpress plugin Super Forms!
I would like to thank everyone for using the plugin and for giving me useful feedback.
It has improved a lot since it’s initial release (December 9, 2015) and I am very happy with the product so far.

A lot of the things I have learned in the past years, and I have put a lot of this knowledge into this plugin. My vision regarding Super Forms is much bigger than just a Form builder for WordPress. I have learned one important thing as a webdeveloper which is that in general every application is based on a form that a user has to submit. Without this you would have to create database queries to update/add/delete data etc… What I am trying to say here is that with a form the possibilities are endless. My goal is to deliver all the possibilities that you can do with a single form through Super Forms for WordPress users without the need to do any programming. To be completely honest with you, I am a very lazy guy and since I have to create different forms every single time for new projects I thought it was a good idea to make something that I can use to speed things up. At that moment Super Forms was born!

However, there is much more to come in the near future, I have many ideas and plans for Super Forms in mind (and so do users of the plugin :smiley: ), and if Super Forms keeps selling like it did last year I am sure all these ideas will come to life!

Currently I am working hard on a well written documentation for users because this is something I haven’t had time to work on since the plugin was selling so well, and I only was developing new features and improving the plugin itself.
But it’s being worked hard on so I hope I can implement and release it’s documentation system very soon!

Thank you to all who supported me, it means a lot to me!


Congratulation Rens :tada: Keep doing what you love :slight_smile: Good luck for more sales :wink:

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Thanks a lot! You too :blush:

Thank you! :smiley:

Congrats Rens ! :slight_smile:

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Great achievement, @feeling4design! Congratulations and good luck with sales!

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Congratulations!! :+1::+1::+1: Keep up the good work and all the best :smile: :tada:

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Thank you :v: @Vertigomusic

Thanks, I wish the same for you! :grinning: @rgba_design

Thank you! Will do :muscle: :wink: @highwarden

Amazing achievement! :+1: Congrats! :birthday::tada:

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Thanks a lot! :sunglasses: @LuckyBlackCat

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