200 was the hardest one!

Hi everyone!

It’s March 19th 2017, and I just received my first sale of the month (sigh) which happens to be my 200th sale! This is a wonderful feeling and I’m really excited that it finally happened for me. When I started submitting design assets in 2014, I didn’t think that I’d sell anything, because I just didn’t believe that my work was good enough to be sold alongside some of the more talented artists in the world. I can now realistically project 1000 sales and that seems mind boggling for me even though I’ve experienced my fair share of internet based success being a Fiverr Top Rated Seller for so long.

It’s simply amazing what you can accomplish if you keep at it, work through the bad days, and put your heart into something that you want so bad. Even though I want (and will reach for) ‘more’, I’ve proven to myself that it can be done, and that (more specifically) I can do it. It’s amazing to be in the process and watch your dreams happen before your very eyes!

Dion Lynk


That’s fine , I’m very happy for you , really what Envato in the market, you can do something that neither had done before ( underestimated , thought that you can not do something more ) and when you see what your work is appreciate and buy something you like coming alive again, and your dreams come in life . It’s wonderful . Congratulations on 200 sales . :sparkles:

congratulations dionlynk…

Congratulation @DionLynk :tada: Good luck for tons of more sales :slight_smile:

Very well said! Thank you!

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I’m grateful for your kind words!

Thank you! You’re always around the forums spreading love, so I hope you reach level 7 Elite and then level 10 Power Elite blazingly fast! Ha!

Keep it up, @DionLynk!

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