200 sales


In May 2015 I have uploaded my first file here, and from this time I have never been dissapointed.
Thanks everyone! :wink:


congrats happy for you , good luck for what is nxt :slight_smile:


Thanks mate! :smiley:


Yeah !!!
Congrats !!!


Congrats mate , hope i will finish learning soon to start my own way


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Congratulations :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot :wink:


Congratulations! Keep moving!


Thanks mate! :sunglasses:


Congratulations!! :smiley::clap: I’ve uploaded my 1st product on 3 December 2015 and now I have a total of 6 products and 118 sales, this website surpassed all my expectations! :slightly_smiling: Congrats again, and may you keep having many sales/customers and a successful store! :smiley::facepunch:


Wow, 118 sales in 3 month is a very nice result!
Thanks man! :sunglasses:


Thank you! I was totally not expecting that many sales in such a short period of time lol :see_no_evil::joy: You’re very welcome!! :sunglasses::facepunch: P.S I’m a girl :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::v:


Ahaha sorry then :smiley:
Anyway, nice to see you have great results here!


haha no problem :smiley: Same, nice to see that people are able to sell their products and earn revenue, while at the same time, they are also helping the buyers, by making their workflow much faster :slightly_smiling::v:


Congratulations TitanSlayer. Well deserved milestone achievement!


Congrats and wishing you many more sales.


@MidnightSnap @mrcharlesbrown
Thanks guys! :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Congratulations to you, Slayer of the Titans! Nice milestone :sunglasses:


u are welcome :slight_smile: