200,000 Music Items

Yay, AJ now sports 200,000+ curated, marketable, super-affordable tracks. Congratulations… I guess :sunglasses:




80% of the tracks are titled ‘Inspirational’ :+1:


Get ready for that new trend, mate: MOTIVATIONAL INSPIRING TAXES! :wink:

Ain’t that inspirational :slight_smile:

Gee, I wonder what happens if you name your song “Piano”?

Nothing :sunglasses:

Bhahaha. For all the complaining people do about rejections though, I guess we should be glad it’s not 2,000,000 tracks.

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I think that whilst AJ is approaching saturation, it will keep going in a sustainable fashion. Firstly because each new track will always appear on top of older tracks. Although sales on AJ aren’t necessarily as consistent as on other marketplaces, this lends itself to the fact that new tracks are always being given a chance, leaving older tracks to slowly (and naturally) be put behind. Add to that the possibility of the review process becoming stricter in terms of production quality (which is a good thing!), and the future might not be as bleak as some of us are assuming!

I for one am very much in favour of this model as it keeps us on our toes with the increasing competition and encourages us to perform at our best. It also gives us newer authors a good chance to do well here.

Maybe it means we can’t have a completely passive income with the assurance that our tracks will continue to sell for years, but this line of work was never a truly passive-income career anyway. If you want to stay above the water you have to put in consistent effort with keeping with the trends, regular uploading, and external promotion. Only then can we start to expect a decent, steady income, and I think AJ is one of the best platforms in which to do so!

This line of business isn’t for everyone, but for those who have the time and motivation to do well in the stock music scene, there is certainly an avenue for those who are willing to put in the work.


What about “The Motivated Inspirational Piano”?

Are you crazy!? :joy:

Never more than 1 word in a title. Ever. :wink:


Better :wink:

Jokes aside though, with the current search engine, you can practically make up names that relate to the root keyword. For example, Corporated, Corporational, Coorporate.

Ridiculous I know, but you’ve got to work with what you’ve got… I wish they’d change the search to allow us to use original titles and still be seen.

Yes, that’s correct. The opposite would be disastrous. Take away the “recent upload bonus” and this place will self-implode and die in just a few months.

Unfortunately authors are tempted to go strictly for this “bonus”, meaning copy-pasting existing tracks and styles and churning out crap and fodder just to get the inevitable random sale while on top of the search. Like litter the sandbox, it’s bad for us all in the end. I sometimes (many times) wish there was a bonus for trying to be “unique” or “innovative” as well.

Not to mention sounding good :sunglasses:

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Yes, I’m sure we’ve all tried sponging off existing popular tracks at least once before, and it usually ends up failing :smile:

I definitely agree that whilst we have to work within the genres and follow the conventions to maximize sales potential, there’s no harm in pushing the boundaries of regular stock and making something really amazing. A lot of the time this doesn’t work, but if you can hit that sweet spot between generic and unique, you’ve usually got a winner. Some of the biggest hits here have drawn the perfect line between conventional and creative. That’s the key to a successful track I think.

Additionally I think focusing on quality over quantity is a must here, in a way that doesn’t really work on other marketplaces. You can spend ages churning out 100s of half-hearted tracks only to find that a perfectly-crafted individual file could outsell all of that multiple times over.

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To put this in perspective, I operate a company that offers music supervision services. We subscribe to 70 full production music libraries through a third party service that houses the library tracks of hundreds of music libraries in a large database. This includes some of the major libraries. While there are 70 libraries in our workspace, there are only 860,216 tracks. AJ is one library with over 200K.

I think the key word here is “saturation”. But, it’s not the worst I’ve seen. There are some other micro-stock libraries with much more music. One well-known micro-stock currently has 393,899 tracks… which probably just became 393,900… 901…

Yeh I’m new here but thank god for that feature of giving new tracks priority. It definitely helps keep it naturally competitive and fresh :slight_smile:

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