20 years old man in a trip around the world

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
I am 20 years old. I come from Poland. I have started my work on themeforest when I was 15 years old. My the best project:

My all projects:

Now I have decided to explore the whole world. My instagram:

Please follow me :slight_smile:


Wow. Come to Ukraine, we have too many beautiful places.


Wow! Really cool :+1:

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Cool! :+1:

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Come hang with us in Aus!

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Wow great achievement :slight_smile: Congratulations. All the best for your tour :slight_smile:

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By the way, just thought I’d let @Nine-Themes know that we shared your story with our leadership team. Our directors have since they jumped up and told your story in front of the entire company.

So just a heads up. Now everyone at Envato knows your story. You’re a bit of a celebrity amongst the staff.

You have to come to Australia now. :laughing:

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Am I not a celebrity? I feel unloved now :pensive:

I’m not sharing my Instagram though, it’s just me sat alone in different McDonald’s around the world.

Thats truly awesome and so inspirational Kid :slight_smile: (excuse that, can’t help that!!!) I hope this trip enlightens your creativity further and brings you spiritual joy to motivate thousands of other in Poland and everywhere else you visit. By the way, apart from envious creative talent, you also have infectious smile - keep it up and best of luck. I will surely be following you, Sir!