20 days ago not sale it’s very very terrible.



20 days ago not sale it’s very very terrible.


hi how often do u post and have a new item approved? are u advertising on your own ?


Hi i am 100s of upload but they all dejected since 1 year what can i do. I am very Frastided.


You should show us some of your items, maybe we could help with some tips.


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Hi i am 100s of upload but they all dejected since 1 year what can i do. I am very Frastided.


LOL well i identify this but honestly buddy , all i can tell u is that if i had been a reviewer i would have rejected it all too (in fact to be honest i would have accepted only one indeed) … not to bother u but since this is simply not reaching the standard in a veryy saturated category of a crowded and saturated marketplace … lol
at this stage u should not produce a lot but spend much time to bring a killing item to the table …


Ok I think it’s true but i had given 199 design and i know what is standard.


buddy all places have different standards indeed, here u are “where the big boys play” and this category is a really tough one … so u may think u are a big shot and deserve to have all aproved, this is your opinion, this is fine but all i can tell u is that according to what i see here u are very unlikely to have anything approved unless u really come up with much higher quality logos … now i hope u will manage to do and i recommend u to have a look at quality thing, inspire from them and do your best so that u can make if for sale indeed
i have a question for u though , for how long are u in the business?


Like n2n44 said, it’s a tough market to get into. I don’t think they’re all bad, but they arent necessarily up to the standard that some of the more successful logos have set.

If you’ve done this many logos, but have had no sales and many rejections, then maybe you should take a step back and really look at what you could so better. We often get attached to our own work, and see value in it when others do not, so it’s important that you really try to look at it from a buyers perspective. Obviously you need to be trying something differently.


well for me , this is probably the toughest one ny the way and in a way this is rather easy to understand why … making logos probably does not take as much time as some other items (depending on what u usually create , this is not always true) but this is bringing a good money on every sale due to prices in this category …

the good thing is that when u belong to this category and that u could not make it , u have a good deal of possible websites where u can sell your stuff and make sure u do not bin it because it was hard rejected … in this category this is way easier than in many others for this issue

u are right, too , sitting back, trying to analyze things without being in the pure creation process is a good way to install some distance with the work we do and we can more easily identify what is good and what is not … i guess that many authors feel the same, satisfied with what they created and when they come back a good while afterwards, see some possible flaws …

i agree with bringing something new to the table, though, let’s be honest, this is not the easiest part indeed, especially in a place where there are so many guys in town, so many already created and approved items in a whole lot of different style because of the different origins, experience, styles and so on that authors turn out to have …


Nice thanks for good suggestions.


u are welcome :slight_smile: