2 years in Envato with no chance

After months i have not connected to Envato’s Plateform , i have created alotof sttuf for themeforest but all was rejected , i found myself tht i waste my time and today when i want to see what heppen in themeforst once i wrote my Email and password i get the popup tells "Earned 2 years of membership " really make me laugh


Hi DevSys32,

do not give up. Post your rejected stuff here - on forum. That way you can get a feedback from existing users what you should do in order to get on the market.

Best regards,

pego team

Hello pego
First of all sorry for this late; cuz i just opened my email account get your reply on my envato’s post,
Yeah i have posted more here, but there is a miracle!
The miracle is all projects rejected by Envato are sumbmitted on other freelance web site (right now im working as freelancer as android developer in some famous freelance website u know what im talkin’ about )

Less of a miracle and more to do with different sites having different acceptance criteria. I’m curious how they’ve been accepted on a ‘freelancing site’ though… is it not a digital marketplace?

i mean are acceptable by clients if any modification, i make it for them

i have done 18 jobs in 3 months its really awsome as im a beginner at that platform
what if i made a stuff for a month and then send it to Envato and then wait a month for thier answer and finally u get Rejected (2 month with no result)

So there is not the same review requirement or criteria as somewhere like here - it’s just a case of clients liking what you made and requesting modifications?

what i made?
Templates something like resume,ecommerce… but 90% making android apps
last week i have made a Russian school website with its pure java android app (im not ios developer)
what modification can be?
most modifications : adding or deleting sections

That’s great, but it’s apples and oranges. I made a living making logo animations for people over period of about six or seven years. They all loved them, pretty much, but I still couldn’t get a logo sting accepted at VideoHive, and rightly so. The niche I was providing, and the requirements for VH, were quite different. It doesn’t mean VH are/were wrong, and it doesn’t mean my clients are/were wrong either… there’s room enough in this world for the both of them.