2 word tags are now banned on Audiojungle?

Hi all. I got 2 soft rejects for my Chinese style tracks. The reason was the presence of tags of 2 words, namely “martial arts” and “great wall of china”.
The fact is that some of my tracks already sold on Audiojungle also contain 2-word tags. Never in the 10 years that I’ve written Audiojungle has this been the cause of rejection. I see that about 20 percent of random other authors’ tracks from the main page that I listened to also use two-word tags.
What’s happening?

Well nothing is happening, just a reviewer that doesn’t like two words tags, it has happened to me quite a few times and I’ve just edit those
Just do that and you’ll don’t have a problem

Thanks for the answer. I thought that the rules on the stock are the same for everyone. My new track that was uploaded yesterday has 2 word tags. It turns out that the rules do not matter, only the subjective factor matters. I don’t think this is fair.

I think the rules are ok, I also have a ton of tracks with two worded tags uploaded years ago but this reviewer specifically doesn’t like them so it’s not a big deal

For search engine efficiency, you should always strive to keep tags as single words. Phrases and sentences are definitely not allowed.

My best advice, as a former reviewer, is that there are occasions when two words can be appropriate, for instance “spaghetti western” or “electric guitar”, however, it’s still best practice to think about how you can break your tags down into the most effective single words.

In your examples above, “martial arts” should have been acceptable, you could possibly argue that “great wall of china” could be a valid tag, but perhaps “china” would be sufficient?, especially considering that your upload was of music.

If you are seeing examples of already approved items with two or more word tags, they may have been deemed as acceptable, or its possible they slipped through the review process, or that it wasn’t worth the extra review time to reject for one imperfect tag.

Its not a hard and fast rule that only single tag words are ever acceptable, but you’ll avoid rejections for that reason, if you strive to find ways of using the most effective single words. What will certainly be rejected are short phrases, or instances where people combine the same tag word with multiple different adjectives, eg: soft piano, gentle piano, ambient piano (the correct tags here would be: soft, gentle, ambient, piano).

Hope that helps.


Sorry to hear that your were fired. But what about “deep house” tags for such genre?

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I was made redundant, but thanks :slight_smile:
Yeah, deep house would probably be ok, as long as you don’t also use “house”, or combine “house” with various other adjectives. Personally I’d still split it into: deep, house

Thanks Andy for your detailed answer.
I just want to clarify that the examples with 2 tags that we are talking about are not uncommon, this is about every 3rd or every fourth track. I also see the tags used for one of the items on the main page: “movie opener”, “movie trailer”, “movie cue”. Isn’t that against your words and rules? And there are many such examples.

I know many examples where tracks were rejected (for the standard reason “not meeting quality standards”, etc.) but after a while they were re-uploaded without any changes, accepted and sold successfully.

In this situation, what upsets me most of all is not the desire to admit the obvious fact - our rules are a formality and it all depends on the mood of the reviewer.

Let’s go back to my situation. How can I challenge a decision tagged “martial arts”? Communication with the support team looks like talking to a wall, I mean not wanting to accept the evidence that I provide. Obviously no way. You probably just need to remove these tags and after a while add them again and everything will be ok. Because the mood of the reviewer has changed.

Those tags would not be allowed, those words can clearly be broken down into: movie, opener, trailer, cue, and indeed will be more effective as tags as such.

All I can say is that reviewers look out for tags such as above and will reject them. The soft reject snippet for tags states that tags should be single words whenever possible, so if you want to avoid rejections for that reason, I suggest to always find ways of using single effective tag words, and asking yourself if it is strictly necessary to use two words? The take-away from this is to remember that multiple word tags will not perform as well in the search engine as single words will.

Hi Andy - Sorry to chime in here:

It would be really useful if you could occasionally give your 2 cents worth on certain topics such as this. Your wisdom is really handy for the community to take on board.


Thank you Graham. I was never comfortable speaking too much on the forums, whilst in my reviewing role, but I’d really like to step forward and be able to help other authors to be more successful in providing the right content, and avoid rejections.


But in fact they are allowed: Inspiring Uplifting Emotional Piano by RedLionProduction | AudioJungle
And I can give 100 more such examples.

P.S. Our communication is strange. I say that the rules are massively not respected and provide evidence. I want to understand why this is happening, but in response, people pretend that they see nothing and that everything is OK.

Unfortunately some items are updated using trusted updates where some authors abuse this system. I am not saying this happened in this case as the created and updated date is the same.
I am just saying that there is a lot of dodgy deeds that authors do.

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These are not individual excesses, this is a system. Such cases - every fifth item. Therefore, I am convinced that the rules are a formality and everything depends on the mood of the reviewer. I assume that it was the massive non-compliance with the rules and impunity that led to this situation.

The track that you have cited, was approved in 2015. The current rules are that authors should strive to keep tags as single words where possible. The last I knew, reviewers are not enforcing it retroactively, but as and when they encounter it. Reviewer mood has absolutely nothing to do with whether such tags are approved. Reviewers are human, and occasionally an incorrect tag may slip through, or be interpreted as ok. My advice to you is that there is absolutely no advantage in deliberately using multiple word tags, so if you want to be on the safe side, and avoid rejections, think about how you can break your tags into the most effective single words.

That said, “martial arts” should have been acceptable, and if you think the rule is not clearly understandable enough, or not consistantly enforced, then you have every right to raise the issue with support.

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I honestly think that tags don’t play such important role when it comes to sales. I’m pretty sure that customers don’t search for items using tags so often. That’s just my humble opinion.

I think that is a matter of opinion, but for buyers who do use search, accurate and efficient tags should direct them to what they are looking for. From an author point of view, its important to remember that reviewers will soft reject incorrectly formatted or inaccurate tags.