2 stock authors who decided to make music together !

Hello guys ! @MojoSoundtrack and I wanted to share some interesting musical and human story through stock music and thanks to Audiojungle of course!

It’s been almost 6 years we start to small talk around here on the forum, about music and especially stock music market.

Small talk lead to more daily life and personal sharing talks but with music as main background.

Forum talks lead to real meeting 2 years ago in Norway ! It was amazing !

And few days ago we had decided to release our first collab track !

Through this song you can hear Mojo’s bass and guitar playing! You can hear my harmonies and synth sounds in the background! Tell us what you think !



Awesome! Love the story and love the track! Mojo’s bass is really cool and bring the track to the next level. Your synths are great as usual and really create a nice sonic world.

Congrats @MojoSoundtrack and @Osynthw, great job and great track!


Dream team! Congrats on the outstanding track you pulled out!!! It vibes with the strengths and magic of u both! Are you planning to publish it on stock platforms as well?


It’s a really great album cut. It does not sound like a stock music tune…
Music made with others, where multiple people perform on the track, is always better than one mind behind the entire track.


Really great track!


Nice! That’s something I would listen to while driving :slight_smile:


Wow, appreciate all of this positive feedback, really made my day!

It was great fun to make, and I think it’s a good sign when a collab track turns out like nothing we would do on our own. Not really intended so much for stock music and rather just a fun experiment, but since the scope of stock/production music is evolving it goes within I think.

Also great to meet @Osynthw in real life and realise we had at least the same chemisty in real life as behind the keyboard :grinning: Looking forward to see France one day !

Yes that was the bonus plan, hopefully it can find a home in some projects, as people use a lot of different music these days it seems.


Thank you very much to all of you ! <3

We will keep to work on something else in the next coming time ! But we have absolutely no schedule, we let the inspiration and ideas come when it has to come, and I found this very great :slight_smile:

In the same time, I just keep to enjoy this track aha !