2 soft rejects becuase of text-domain



I got the last soft-reject because of just text-domain :frowning:
I had text-dmain as “Mytheme” and also folder “Mytheme”. so I changed in the css file to “mytheme” and folder to “mytheme” and I got the following…

below was a theme-check warning, which I couldnt find/see in my theme-check…
“themes correct text-domain is mytheme”…

so I changed “Mytheme” to “mytheme” in my style.css file. Now I got another soft reject saying:

“Text domain needs to be all lowercase, mytheme instead of Mytheme.”…

what am I supposed to do ?.. the only thing is my them does have “Mytheme” in is

esc_html__(‘any text’, ‘Mytheme’);

my theme is very big, do I have to change all strings in esc_html__() as well and make them lowercase ?



everyone user text-domain as “mytheme-theme” and yes in lowercase.


thanks… do we have to add “-theme” at the end of name ? there are no hyphens in my case it just one work… secondly do I have to change in esc_html__() as well ?



It should be just “mytheme”, no need for “-theme” suffix. You have to change it everywhere. Just use find and replace feature of your text editor to do it at once.


If You do not need html then Yes … but sometimes it’s required.


thanks guys. changing…
but just for one capital letter 2 rejects… hopefully will cross this line now :slight_smile: