2 Rejected orchestral SFX. Help please


These two sound effects were rejected, but why?
Perhaps I would not ask, if similar sound was not approved earlier - this is strange.

Both sound a little “tinny” to me. Need a bit of low end in there.


Hey @DragonLandsMusic!

Loved them both! Nicely composed, orchestrated and arranged. But as @Puzzlefactory, they need some lows. Let the cellos, basses, horns and timpani do their thing. Perhaps you applied a bit of an extreme Low Cut too?

I really think if you tweak them a little they’ll be approved!

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@Puzzlefactory @WormwoodMusic
Thank you guys for the advice!
Yea, low end can help here, but these are sound effects and they were supposed to be light and bright without low end.
But okay, i will try with low end, thanks again :smiley:

Absolutely. In a video game environment the low-end would probably struggle with the soundtrack so it’s a wise decission to keep that range clear, but for other uses you might want to have some extra body so if I were you I would include both options (fully-orchestrated first in the preview) and mention it in the description.

Best of luck!