2 rejected items in a week!

Hi all. Happy new year.

Would love to hear your feedback on these 2 items… the central flow gold particles loop; I understand why this may have been rejected due to over saturation on the marketplace, but it’s quintessentially the same as another flow gold particles background I made, just a different variation. Could I upload this to the other approved file and make it a pack?

As for the liquid countdown… I honestly have no idea? too fast transitions? no background effects? The idea was it’s a matte alpha countdown so others can overlay their own backgrounds etc onto it.


I think the first project is rather weak and apparently there are already a lot of such on the market, but the second one, the one with liquid digits, is cool! Maybe there are already too many different numbers on the market.

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Agreed. First project is weak. Think I’ll see if I can add it to another transition project I have live and run it as an add on. Was surprised about the liquid countdown. Took me a while to build in cinema 4d. Bit annoying really. I’ve just finished a paint version so not sure whether that’ll get rejected too.