2 Rejected Isolated Objects PSD Files

Hello Guys,

this is the first time i submit isolated objects files on Graphicriver, i got 2 rejected PSD files, but without any explanation about the rejection, i am used to upload to many platforms and all of them gives the rejection reasons, but here i never get an explanation of why a specific file was rejected. Long story short i have attached both of the rejected files, hope someone can help understanding the rejection reasons please.

thnx alot in advance. :handshake:

Which category did you upload them to? I actually can’t think of any that accepts simple photo object cut outs like these.

Keep in mind that the main purpose of the marketplace is to supply time savers. These particular items which you uploaded can be achieved with Photoshop in a matter of seconds, especially since the new version has improved AI selection tools such as “Select Subject” which automatically selects the main subject of an image, such as the person/phone, and the door. It would probably actually take more time to go online and find these items, buy them, then open them, compared to just finding a photo online, then pressing a button.

Also, the Envato Marketplace is one of, if not the biggest platform for digital assets, so they have a lot of submissions to go through every day. This means that it’s unrealistic to expect the reviewers to give detailed feedback, otherwise it would take A LOT longer for items to get reviewed. There are two types of rejections, Hard Rejections and Soft Rejections. Hard Rejections are items that aren’t quite fit for the marketplace, whether it be content type or quality, these are not given any feedback besides saying that it’s rejected an can’t be submitted again. Soft Rejections are items that are almost ready for the marketplace, but need a one or two small adjustments, you will always get detailed feedback on a Soft Rejection telling you exactly what you need to do, for example my latest item needed a name change for copyright reasons before it was accepted.

Hey Xioxgraphix thnx alot for your reply.

As a start replying about photoshop AI and finding them online and be cut, if you go to the marketplace you can find thousands of objects that also can be found online and be cut easily without the need to pay for them, like fruits, animals etc… So the idea of Isolated objects category is exactly against what you have said.

Second i have found mobile phones held with a hand which were accepted, where also it’s very easy to find and cut online with a click of a button without the need to buy from the marketplace, while finding a girl holding the phone and shooting a scene might not be easy to find online.

So your concept of “It would probably actually take more time to go online and find these items, buy them, then open them, compared to just finding a photo online, then pressing a button.” Does not fit in here :slight_smile:

But still what you might have said about the categories might be right, i used technology for the girl photo and forgot about the other one .

Thnx again for your reply

I didn’t know we even had an isolated objects category here, so that’s my bad.

There are only 4 phone related items in that category, likely because no one really wants just an isolated phone anymore, but rather as an editable mockup set up with smart objects. The hand holding the phone in Isolated Objects is over 9 years old so it’s quite outdated. Your best bet is to set up a mockup item with a few different angles, as well as smart objects with appropriate lighting/shadows, like you see HERE.

As for the door, you need something more complex than just a rectangle, otherwise you should supply it within a pack of many doors, similar to THIS ITEM.

Remember, you need to give value to your items. Lets say you had that door for sale for $1, there isn’t much value there, people would find more value in lets say an item with 3 doors for $2.

It’s hard to tell from these images, but make sure your photos are very sharp and high resolution.

No worries :slight_smile: , thnx alot for your feedback and time, and you are right , will check that , and i still have lots of items to submit, hopefully they will be accepted . And yes packs are better than 1 item.