2 Questions for logo designing typography

1: Can we use system fonts in the logo design, because some of them are good like centuary gothic? Is it ok for graphic river?

2: Can we use paid fonts instead of free in logo designs, and put the link of that paid font in readme file? Will buyers have some problem with it, like they would ask for, why you did not use free fonts? Or they can pay for that font without any hesitation? Please someone help me. Thank You.

  1. Yes you can use system fonts. Make sure the fonts are available for both OSX and Windows.
  2. Yes you can use paid fonts but this is tricky. Some costumers will not pay few dollars for a flyer and $30 - 40 for a font. If you like to use a paid font that work best with your item it’s ok, use it. Also you need to buy the font license. What you can do is to include a version using similar free fonts. Also clearly specify in description that they need to pay extra for the font.

Is there any trick to getting the free alternative of paid fonts?