2 questions about taxes

1.) I didn’t submit the W-form and yes i know, from 1 january i will pay 28% US taxes. I wanna
to know if for my withdrawals for this month will be stoped 28% taxes or i will receive all money
like for the last months.

2.) I will be able to completed and send the W8-form after 1 january for pay the taxes in
my country? This month i was so busy so i wanna to submit the W8-form in the next weeks.

Sorry for my english :slight_smile: I wait answer

  1. Nothing will be applied on your earnings from December which will be paid to you on January 15th 2016.

  2. I think yes you’ll be able to submit it after the first of January 2016.

Tip: If what delays you from completing the form before January first is getting a Tax ID Number or ITIN, make sure you submit the form even without a Tax ID Number or ITIN, because if you don’t submit the form at all, 28% will be taken from all sales, but if you submit the form without a Tax ID Number or ITIN 30% will be taken from your US sales only.