2 problem: Automatically affiliate links creation and 0$ for purchasing.

Hello, dear Envato community. I have new Envato affiliate program account created through impact.

I need some advice.

  1. I have one sale for the item but earrings 0$ – http://joxi.ru/eAO6VwbF9ZZBk2 why?
  2. I got on my site more than 800 items from the Codecanyon & Themeforest. For 1 item I create the link manually according to an instruction from the tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWhygaosmzI How I can create automatically affiliate links for all 800 items. Without using manual link building

I think:

  1. you have 1 action (Signup) but you have no sale ($0.00)
  2. yes, you have to manual link build for new impact link for all of your items

Edit: 1. another thing can be you had 1 sale but the sale was reversal mean customer made a payment dispute.


Okay, thank you.


  1. Why this action has title: Purchase? http://joxi.ru/p27EkJ0TK5vgNr
  2. It is so sad.

may be was sale reversal (wrote in my first reply). you can contact affiliate support for more clear information. Thanks

Thank you. If it reversal why it’s not tracked or not informs about it? It looks not clean.