2 nice Flyers rejected


Hi, can anyone tell me why this 2 flyers been rejected?


The summer one is the best, only problem I see with that one is the typography. The big SUMMER title is good, but the rest of the typography looks quite poorly done, poor font choice, not great color choice, bad layout on the date… Rework the typography and it should be approved no problem. The rest of the design is awesome, it deserves better typography. :slight_smile:


I would reject the second one, perhaps the first one took the bullet as well


Thnx I improved the first one.


Still not good enough typography ;(

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3rd time rejected, i’m confused.


The typography just isn’t good enough - browse through some accepted flyers and you should be able to get an idea of the standard needed.


Final chance


He’s been approved, thnx all

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