2 new updates to Envato Market affiliate terms.

Hey there affiliates,

We’d like to update you on two changes to our affiliate terms that reflect the changes in our Envato membership terms. You’ll be pleased to know that they are relatively small changes and that we’re still paying 30% on new customer deposits and purchases.

Both the changes are due to external and uncontrolled factors.

Change 1: Deposits are now called credits.

New financial regulations mean that only authorized deposit-taking financial institutions (e.g. banks) could accept “deposits”. So we now talk about “credits” or “Envato credits”. This is a minor change and we’d like you to be aware of the language. If you happen to use “deposits” in any of your communication, consider doing a “find and replace”. :+1:

NB: if you are testing our pilot system on Impact Radius, we’ll be swapping out the PDF of the terms. You don’t need to do anything to accept this swap.

Change 2: “Netflix tax” - arrived July 2017

We must collect and remit tax wherever we are legally obligated to do so. So now we may collect geographical location information to determine your location, which may be used for tax purposes (so location information you give us must be accurate for tax residency purposes).

You can view the full terms here and our old terms here.

Kind regards,