2 items rejected, can you help me?


Hi, I’m gampler, from Argentina. I uploaded my first productions to audiojungle and they were rejected.Can you help me to find the problems that have both items to be able to improve my future tracks?
My desire is to create soundtracks in the style of John Carpenter, Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, Cliff Martinez, Mac Quayle, Trent Reznor, Ben Lovett, SURVIVE.
I share my tracks to know your recommendations.



Hi! On your first track there are some melodies in different tempos. They cross over which does not help the track. Actually, it sounds pretty strange. But it is just my opinion.
As for the second track, it has beats that sound too boomy and do not create any rhythm. Both tracks sound pretty amateur. Sorry for saying this man. I know, it is tough to hear it.


It’s ok, all the feedback helps me, no matter how hard it is.
In the first track, I try to compose with polyrhythms and that may have damaged the cohesion of the track. Thanks



shaker is crazy, and synths, too loud, and increadable =)
try to listen authors here in your stylies and try to repeat them works for the first, then you should create your own works with the same quality!
Keep going and you’ll get it!



Thanks, I’ll do it until I get it.


I thought a lot about this… but, maybe when you compose a theme, it’s a nice idea thinking in two or three versions, because for your ears, shaker and synths can be fine… it’s all about aesthetics and mostly subjective, but, what about creating two or three versions with different dynamics or levels? it can gives more possibilities to buyers and maybe it’s ok for the curators, because you are presenting good alternatives of your concept or idea, it’s not just one, but two or three and it can helps to get approvals here.
It’s just an opinion…
greetings and good luck!!


make it groove and it’ll be awesome


I think the synth is loud relative to other instruments…
You will succeed, do not despair :slight_smile:


Thanks for the suggestions


Audiojungle project for selling background music!) And you unfortunately the music is not in the background! She is very tense and such music is used in the video series and advertising !!! + You need to work on the quality of the material! Only after that you will be all right!


We must continue to work on ourselves and look for our mistakes. Gradually, everything will change and become better. It is important to listen to the tracks of friends and try to do the same as they do.


In that I am, I hope to get it