2 hard rejects. Review them please and don't hesitate to be harsh about them

Please don’t hesitate to point out everything that’s not OK with them, just be specific. Probably I won’t re-submit them but I need to know my weak spots so that I can consider them in the future for other tracks. Are these tracks even remotely close the quality bar set by AJ reviewers?

1.Genre: Music\Electronica

2.Genre: Music\Electronica\Downtempo

Hi, I’m not an expert, these are my opinions…

Fashion Technology: The bass is strange for me, too present and on a high register, the mix for me could be better and the track is somewhat monotonous.

Cozy Rainy Day: Is a nice progression of chords, keyboard and high percussion are very present (if something is constantly repeated and is very present, it is boring) in the first 50 seconds there are no new elements (too repetitive).

I think in general are good ideas, but should develop more, the mix should be a little cleaner and more powerful (it’s electronic music).

You could transform the tracks into logos and identities …


Thanks for the review and the suggestion!

I agree second the above comments. I also noticed in “Cozy Rainy Day” there is a weird dissonant note at 0:16 (also shows up again later). I found that to be distracting.

I don’t think you should cut your losses, keep working on these, cool ideas!

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Thanks for your input!