2 Halloween flyers rejected

Can anyone tell me why this 2 been rejected?
Artwork and typo is good in my opinion and zombies are included ( 3D render )

In my opinion I think that it’s too simple because: - those “zombies” are just an 3D model render that dosen’t looks realistic, that can not be very nice for an flyer . - the lighting is not in those 2 flyer , you can add some more things on it like some blood splash under the text or some brush paint . Thats was my opinion ! Good luck and be better on your future things! :wink:

These flyers need alot of work, there is nothing appealing about them (no offense) Lose the Zombies, clean up the fonts, but the best advise is to look at some of the flyers that are in the marketplace already to see the quality and clarity. Good Luck, and keep designing.

I think you are both right about the zombies so i delete these and try again. thnx

Plus the lighting is too flat, better lighting and generally touching up the 3D scenes in Photoshop would make a big difference. Plus it would be spookier - important for halloween. :smiley: