2-factor authentication

Someone please fix the 2-factor authentication on your site. The iOS15, now has build-in code for your password… BUT Envato stops it from working, since it always ask if I am a Robot… well I am not!

Hi @bumblebeeproductions,

My team is looking into why you are being issued with reCAPTCHA as part of your authentication flow with 2FA. There are a number of heuristics applied to our authentication process to protect accounts from unauthorised access (which I won’t disclose here for security reasons) but we may be in touch directly if we need more information about the devices you’re having these issues with. We want you to be able to authenticate as easily as possible.

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So you can login with e.g. an iphone and the new two-factor system, without problems?

So what email .I should contact?

I can confirm that I can authenticate with account.envato.com using Safari on iOS15 and credentials including the time-based-one-time-password stored in the iCloud keychain.

Please submit a request in the Envato Author Help Center and include some screenshots of the issue you’re experiencing, and my team will be in touch to help you get into your account on your phone.



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