2 Dribbble Invites.

Guys I’ve got 2 dribbble invites - if you’re interested please post a link to your best work here. I’ll choose the 2 authors with the work I like the most. :thumbsup:


Sure, I will share my dribble work here ASAP.

Hi dude I am interested, this is one of my photoshop actions

Anyone else interested in these dribbble invites?

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Hardly getting any replies on here, so I’ve moved it to GraphicRiver. :thumbsup:

Why didn’t I saw this post earlier!
Here are the links.
My work- https://sagararora372.wixsite.com/portfolio
and if you liked my work…here is my dribbble link

How i can share items like ur preview? No faq here

Simply place link items in your reply.

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Can you check your link, this one isn’t working.

Hello! We need invite! :blush:

Check out our portfolio: http://themes.aspirity.com/

And our profile: https://dribbble.com/Aspirity

Ugh… I’ve uploaded only 2 portfolio items that display my type design projects.

My bad. https://sagararora372.wixsite.com/sagarswork
Check now. It will work now.

My portfolio: http://graphicriver.net/user/san101/portfolio
And my dribbble: http://dribbble.com/nsdesigns89