$2,000 Photo Animator After Effects Contest (Winners Announced!)

Thanks Scottwills

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I have a question:

Can be diferent topics between the slideshow and individual videos?

I want creaty little story base slideshow (like @MANOJROUTH) and then, Can i post individual photographs with random topics?
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Yes, absolutely. Since you can enter as many times as you want you can of course have different topics. The idea of posting the animated pictures from the slideshow also seperately is that you can enter for both parts of the contest without having to animate something new. But please just go wild and do as many different animations and/or slideshows as you wish. :grinning: Good luck for the contest and have a lot of fun using my Photo Animator! :slight_smile:

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Yes, one photo over my original work. This photo in the project; wave, position, text and I used all the particles together. I continue to work on the story as I said in a previous post. Thank you for watching.


Not able to extract the project’s downloaded ZIP. Anyone experiencing this? I think the file is not getting downloaded properly. Any advise…??

@Altaf_ajju I think it should not be a problem. Zip files and all files are opened properly. I do not know if you are using windows operating system. But there is no shortage in the iOS operating system. Also check the internet and download it again.

Yes, I am uisng win OS. already tried the download two times already.

Slideshow Video:

Thanks Anton-and-Friends :slight_smile:


wow…its nice work


All photos were taken by me personally.










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Hi, is it permitted to use a image sequence instead of a single image?

Slideshow Jerusalem

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Slideshow Nature


Slideshow Objects


Hi @sotto3d! See my post here - it explains that we have prizes for individual images/videos and a separate prize for a slideshow, so to increase your chances of winning, consider submitting both! :slight_smile: But yes, if you only want to submit a slideshow, that’s fine too.

Thank you for your reply but it is my fault because I wasn’t clear about my question.
I am not asking for the slideshow category but for the Photo category.
Can I use a video instead of a single photo?

It is really necessary to upload each sequence separated? I used different perspectives of what I am going to show and I got like 10 videos in this case. I want to submit them all for Grand Prize.

Wow finally I’ll use my youtube channel for something :joy: .