$2,000 Photo Animator After Effects Contest (Winners Announced!)

Hi! Can i post my video with you Photo Animator effects including my promo text? So, i’m doing a video and want to use it to promote my songs from Audiojungle

Ok, this is my little contribution with really great AE template! Thanks a lot, guy’s!!

(Name of the song: “Victory”)


Project Downloading error…cant download the AE Program…


Can we use other songs for background, from Youtube, even if they are famous artists? Something like Shahmen oor idkk…?

In this item I used my composite image, create on photoshop.
BreakDance #1

BreakDance #2

BreackDance #3


###Hello, all! Please don’t forget that we’re looking individual videos as well as slideshows of multiple imadess. Try to create individual images/videos and post them separately, and then post/share your slideshow video containing multiple images/videos you’ve created. You’re overlooking $1,000 by not posting your individual images/videos. :open_mouth: Don’t miss out on all the awesome prizes! :moneybag: You can also enter as many times as you like. Good luck!

Here’s a reminder of all the prizes up-for-grabs:

###Grand Prize – Best Individual Video

  • $1,000 via PayPal/Skrill/Payoneer
  • Won a Contest community badge.
    ###Runner-up – Best Individual Video
  • $500 via PayPal/Skrill/Payoneer
    ###BONUS PRIZE – Best Slideshow Video
    -$500 via PayPal/Skrill/Payoneer

Hi @Synthezx! Please post a version without the text - the main point of the entries is to show off the images and creative ways Photo Animator can be used to animate the images. Adding text might take away from the beauty of the imagery, particularly if it’s right across the middle of the video like in your example. :slight_smile: I would recommend uploading and posting a separate video containing just your music + video with out any text. By all means keep your original/existing video online for your personal use to promote your music (with text). Hope this helps and makes sense! :slight_smile:


Hi, can we use artworks or photos from the internet that are available for fair usage. Or those too should be created?

Hi @AndrewArts! You can use whatever music you like AS LONG as you follow YouTube’s rules about copyright. Famous recordings are typically not permitted without permission so always research licensing and usage before committing. There is something called “fair use” however that permits some users to use famous recordings in some special circumstances. You will need to research that yourself. As suggested in the contest announcement, the easiest thing is to approach and/or work with an AudioJungle author and get permission to use their music. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Hi, @Altaf_ajju! Always check image licensing before use. :thumbsup:


Coffee Addict


Race Car

Silent Night

Winter’s Come




This is a great project file. Love it!


Hi I’m creating a story base slide show, is it necessary to upload all slide separately, or few slide can be…

That’s great, I can’t wait to see it! :grinning:

If you only want to apply for the “BONUS PRIZE – Best Slideshow Video” you can submit only your slideshow video. But if you want to enter for the “Grand Prize – Best Individual Video” as well you should submit the single videos (or your favourite ones) also seperately.

Good luck and have fun! :slight_smile:

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I continue to work on my project. The project has been very successful indeed. I’m doing a story and an original photographic works. I this competition, I wrote that I wanted to win before. Envato and @Anton-and-Friends, I want to thank you again.

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My name is Mr.Paws because I love to give high fives. :smiley:


Hi @MANOJROUTH! You don’t have to upload every individual video if you don’t want to - you can upload just a few if you like. However, just like @Anton-and-Friends kindly pointed out, be sure to submit individual videos AND a slideshow to help increase your chances of winning. See the contest prizes for more info. Good luck, we’re excited to see your “story”! :slight_smile:

I love this Idea.

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Here are a few more I put together:

Which is your favorite of these?