1st track approved yesterday; feeling better about quitting my job!

Hey friends!

As an Audio Jungle noobie, I just wanted to say hello. As the title says, I recently quit my job (heavily gigging musician) to join the Envato community of authors. Yesterday I had my first track approved and I’m already starting to feel better about making the plunge.

Here’s a link to the track:

Thanks so much for your time! I look forward to checking out everyone’s music in the days to come.


Hi there mate, welcome to the jungle :sunglasses:

Cool stuff, good luck with sales! Making a living on stock music can be rewarding, but it can also take some time… unless you’re lucky enough to hit the Popular Files page anytime soon, better cut down on expenses :wink:

I’ve been here almost 4 years (much thanks to complementing income streams and a supportive wife) and while some of my items have been arguably successful (like 5% out of 500), I still feel like I’m just learning the ropes. The competition is dazzling in almost every category. It’s great fun though! One advice for the road, find your niche and master it. The few authors doing exceptionally well here are typically the strongest ones in their respective category.



Hey Stockwaves!

Thanks so much for the words of wisdom. I’ve been fortunate enough to allocate my time and energy into making AJ tracks, all while staying afloat from other income streams. It feels incredible liberating compared to what I did in the past.

I dig the advice on finding my niche. I plan on taking some time to find my focus and hone my craft. It may take longer than I can ever expect, but the process will no doubt be exciting.

I’ll keep an ear out for the stuff you’re uploading. Thanks again for the response!

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Congratulation @SongFireMusic :tada: Good luck for the sales :wink:

Janxcode_team Likewise, and thanks so much I appreciate it!

Hi there, and good luck! Enjoy the ride!

Didn’t you quit the job a little to soon?

sorry to say, but you are definitely too optimisitic! :slight_smile:

@bosone @MetroMusic I totally hear you guys. The situation was that I needed to free up some time to do what I wanted. I still make money. You could say it’s a fools errand, but I’m in a good place to be doing what I’m doing right now. Thanks for your time, and best of luck.

Sounds great! Best of luck here in the jungle. Hope you find a lot of success here.

Thank you, kind stranger.

Also good to remember, it’s a long run marathon, not a fast race. Wishing you a good progress!

Good luck @SongFireMusic, we wish you many many many sales!!!