1K Sales! From side job to main! 🎉


My first work was approved less than one year ago. During 6 month from my starting point I got a little additional money from Envato Market sales to my main work. I didn’t like my main work, and it was the reason to create new items on Graphicriver faster and better. At last, I gathered my thoughts and complitely focused on Graphicriver… And it worked! Now Graphicriver is my main workplace and it is great! I can do things that I like, I got more free time and can spend it with my family that sustained me all that time.

Thanks Envato, and community, you are all great! :blush:


hi, i am happy for you but i am wandering how u can do this … to live out of this place takes a huge volume of sales or to live in the ideal country, a country with no tax, cheap cost of living and so on and i am not sure that any place like this still exists … u have to be a huge seller otherwise …


Thanks man :slight_smile: In my country for normal life $500 is enough. But I think if I will continue work hard I will make more money in the future. And about taxes… If I have less than $2000 per month, nobody will care about me in my country. I am too small target for tax departments.


Really nice to hear that you are earning good :slight_smile: good luck for more money


Thank you!:smile_cat:


if u are making 500$ from Gr, then u are the hell of an author and seller and thumbs up for this … for most of us we hardly make pocket money something that just enables us not to be too poor …


Hey, man, do not be so sad, chin up! You have a great and creative portfolio with very lovely works! Everything will be OK! :wink:


well indeed , i am not … now some guys do as if everything is perfect when let’s face it there is much work to deal with for far less money proportionally … i am by the way very happy to get to know that there are sone guys who can make a living out of activity here , this a joyful thing to think about :slight_smile:


Perspectives is the best thing that I found in Graphicriver. I often watch on guys that make 500 and more sales in the same product category every month and tell myself that I can do the same! All I need is some more time and more focus on my work, and after a time I will get the results.


Right choice, congratulations @FD-Design!


Thank you, dude! :grinning:


CONGRATS,FD-Design ))))))) :wink:


well this is clever and nice technique, however if this was enough to get inspired from successful guys, then i guess that a lot of us would be very successful too, when the reality is way different indeed … besides sometimes this is not the most beautiful and creative items which are the most successful as well as this is not always the most incredible designers which are the most successful too …


Yes, I agree, someone is just lucky. I have seen many times when the same works have different success. But luck is volatile, hard work gives more stable results. I still hope that I was not just lucky and my achievements are a result of hard work. :bee:


Thanks bro, nice GIF :grinning:


u are definitely right and i could not agree more with u, however , if u only rely on hard work u are also very likely to say at the “honest earning” stage indeed and the fact of the matter is that there is something more required than skills and quality design wise n all these marketplaces and this is marketing skills (including sending much time to promote items), unfortunately …


Yes you’re right, item promotion and defending copyright is a part of “hard work”. It takes a lot of work time too, so I did not separate this part as a separate activity.


It’s very motivational for me, thanks, man! :wink:


Luck is a dividend of sweat. The more you sweat, the luckier you get --Ray kroc.

Hard work all the way, couldn’t agree with you more :smiley:

Great stuff. The point I’m extracting from this thread is that learning to trust yourself, to recognize and to give special attention to that inner voice inside you is worth so much more than one can imagine.

Keep it up mate :clap: :clap: :clap:


Glad to hear it! :blush: