1K and a lot of happiness

HI Guys, today is a great day for me as i reach 1000 sales, which is a great accomplishment. in my opinion. Indeed, that’s the opportunity for me to thank all, from buyers (who made a smart move buying my items lol kidding but i hope they feel this way lol) , to all the people supporting me in my run here, including all the friends i made here :wink: and of course people in envato. Thanks to all who can be somehow someway associated with this happy moment on today, i am very thankful to all :wink:


Hey, Nico
This is a great news!
1000 sales are a great reward for the efforts and sleepless nights! But do not leave a friend, because there are even greater peaks to climb and they are waiting! :wink:
Good luck my friend! :wink:

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thanks Lyubo, don’t worry this is not my style and i know that this is the end of a step but the beginning of a new one which is not any easier indeed so there’ s much work on the way again , i just wanted to celebrate and share with all the people who feel like sharing my happiness, my friend :wink: thanks for your message , support and friendship :wink:

Congratulations, n2n44! Nice milestone :slight_smile:

thank you, i will do my best to reach the next one before i am too old lol thanks for your message , this is super nice :wink:

Bravo go ahead :slight_smile:

thank u buddy :wink:

nice brother ! wish you 1000000 :smiley:

lol thank you so much but i think that when i reach this , maybe i am really really old or not far from pushing up the daisies lol but let’s cross fingers :wink: